Amaze-Heater MAXI 600-Watt Electric Convection Room Heater


Amaze-Heater MAXI 600-Watt Electric Convection Room Heater

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Amaze-Heater MAXI 600 Watt electric convection room heaters are crafted to perfection with an attractive dome sticker, giving it a very unique and stylish appearance. Amaze-Heaters are the safest in their class as there are no moving parts with no gas and no exposed heating elements. These heaters will allow you to save up to 50% or more on your heating cost. Instead of heating an object or person, the heater uses efficient convection technology to warm an entire room up to 225 square feet depending on room insulation. Its ultra slim and compact design allows for discreet out-of-the way wall mounting and installs quickly and easily with the included installation hardware. Once installed, the heater can be painted to match the room decor and will operate silently. As the heater will not dry the air or burn up the oxygen in the room, you will experience warm, comfortable, efficient, safe and silent heating all season long. Come home to the warmth of Amaze Heater.

Unique and stylish appearance with attractive dome sticker.

Save up to 50% or more on your heating cost.

Efficiently warms a room up to 225 square feet.

Optional Thermostat available at a very low cost in most of the outlets selling our heaters.

Uses efficient convection technology.

Ultra slim and compact design for out-of-the way wall mounting.

Quick and easy to install with the included installation kit.

Includes heat reflector to increase heating efficiency.

No exposed elements, gas or moving parts.

Can be painted to match room color.

Suitable for Allergy Sufferers.

Will not dry the air or no oxygen burn up.

“Plug and Play” – 6.5 ft cord with 2 prong plug.

Silent operation.

Maintenance Free.

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